I'd Like To Tell Time What To Do

The Ways of Paradide (2023)

Sound for Dady's Funeral (2023)

Selvhenter "Plex" (2023)

Big O (2023)

Castle in Kassel (2022)

Noa & Snow (2019-2022)

Piece for Trampoline House (2019)

Paraguay Press (2015 - 2017)

visAvis (2009)

H.E.R, Højre end Rådhuset (2008)

FFF (fler folk formidler) 2006

Staffcindy (2005)

tv-tv (2004-2007)

Mephisto (2004)

Finally Here (2003)

Liquid Chain (2002)

39 kr (2002)

Andy's Chocolate (2001

Gollywobbler (2000)

Sterovision (1999)

Skiing in India (1998)

Trends (1997)

Spektra (1996)

Oh George (1995)

LA woman, Hotel Pro Forma (1994)

Simhopp (1994)

The Slave (1993)

Bataclan (1992)

William Circus (1990-1991)

Act without words (1985)

Other works

You reached Joachim Hamou an artist mostly making video and performances with a social agenda and with a long list of collective and activist participations such as tv-tv, Trampoline House, Rio Bravo, castillo/corrales and Paraguay Press.

The projects (linked in the menu) are ordered chronologically; the most recent at the top (also failed projects are documented here).

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