Dr. K (2008)

Dr K. – room for communication

Uppsala Stadsteater 8 March – 17 May, 2008


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Dr K. is a project dealing with the relation Human-Perception-Culture. During spring 2008 Uppsala stadsteater is used to create an arena for activities in both art and science. Together with invited guests and the audience we immerse ourselves in different subjects and questions within the theme of perception. The eight-week program is divided by the following headlines: Representation, Initiation, Sound, Image, Identity/Institution, Theology/Economics, Economics/Media and Time/Retro.

To make a common reference we start the evening with a "recording", where we work with Dr. Konstantin Raudives method for communication with the dead. Raudive, a Latvian psychologist and researcher, taught at the Uppsala University during the 60’s and was preoccupied with parapsychological interests and with the possibility of life after death. The last years of his life he worked with so called EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena, a method to communicate with the "other side" using audiotape recordings.

To us, the interesting thing with Raudive’s techniques is that he creates a manual for heightened perception – an initiation to everything normally overlooked. Here we start our experiment, to thoroughly examine human perception from different perspectives - analytical, political, philosophical, theological, neurological, sensual etc.

Each night will present a unique selection of guests and co-producers sharing and discussing thoughts, theories, experiences and impressions. The program will be arranged in collaboration with a number of artists, philosophers, researchers and with different institutions outside the theatre, e.g. Uppsala University, The Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm and the Danish television channel tv-tv.

Because of the high number of different guests, all of them with different interesting subjects, the theatre has decided to make it easy to attend the event several times. With a ticket from a former performance you pay only 30 kr for each further evening.

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Here is a little gem I found from the Feldenkrais-method workshop we had after one of the performances.