Bataclan (1992)

This was one of my first art films that was projected during a festival of contemporary music in Paris in the now infamous Bataclan. The concert featured groups such as Sugercubes and the famous cultural minister at the time Jacques Lang was expected. When the concert producer saw my videos that were supposed to be projected between the bands he freaked out and refused to show them. I was of course very upset but the funny thing was that just as the cultural minister, accompanied by a flanc of ambassadors from Nordic countries passed by, it was timed so that he would come between bands for security reasons. Just then this part of the video started for some reason and I got my show anyway and to the dismay of the producer that made sure no other film would be shown again. 

As this film had officially been censored I was contacted a couple of months later from a museum in North France making a show about censorship. But I don’t think they were interested either in the end. In any case it was never shown again except for that one time in Bataclan for the cultural minister.

This film was done on Hi-8 and with no sound and a lot of the effects that the camera could provide. It was edited between two cameras.