The Primal Scene is recorded 2010 in Los Angeles with the exception of one scene recorded in Copenhagen fall 2011. It's hard to resume what the film is about, which is a good reason to see it... But this much I can tell you. There are several scenes with Arthur Janov, the man who invented Primal Therapy and there is a great scene with author Chris Kraus talking about art and economy and the artist Raul Baltazar makes a Chris Burden re-enactment in a shopping ally in Mc Arthur Park, there is almost an entire performance by Oscar Santos among many other things...

Participants in order of appearance: Chris Kraus, Oscar Santos, Beatrice Valenzuela, Kate Wolf, Arthur Janov, Rebecca Morris, Rebeca Hernandez, Raul Baltazar, The people from Primal Centre, Dorit Cypis, Nicole Wood, Labanna Bly, Helle Fagralid, Anders Mossling

Voice Over: Antonio Garcia, Indra Rios-Moor

Music: Breton Wood, J.S. Bach, Luna, Elou Elan

Special Thanks: Tif Sigfrids, Hugo Hoping

Many Thanks: Erika Elizondo, Greg Dalton, George Porcari, Lysa Flores, Signe Skovman, Javier Tapia, Bettina Hubby, Francois Ghebaly, Marie Jager, Mari Eastman, Jessica Bradley, Veronica Ganzalez, Valerie Schultz, Radha Ahlstrom-Vij, Andrea Zittel, Michael Parker, Alyse Emdur, Adrian Rivas, Pilar Thompkins, Primal Centre, Yvette Dudoit, Marcus Herring, Amanda Maag, Bo Tengberg, Chloe Lewis, Niels Fonseca, Ulrika Pii Zeuthen

The film was first shown at the CPH:DOX film festival 2011 and was nominated for the New Vision Award