Notes (2013)

Notes is a film loosely based on the novel with the same name by Eleanor Coppola. She toke notes along the recording of her husbands film Apocalypse Now from 1979, a film based on Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness from 1899.

Eleanor Coppola observes the huge colonial impact the recording of Apocalypse now have on the Filipino Island where the film is recorded.

In my film, Eleanor Coppola’s voice and person is a protagonist who is making a film in Marfa, an artistic and economic colony in the middle of a troubled border zone between Mexico and USA.

Notes is recorded in Marfa, Texas during a artist-residency I enjoyed at Fieldwork Marfa April 2013.

Participants: Maria Fernanda Fabela, Juan Fabela, Annissa Gonzales Lujan, Riley O'Bryan, Ryan Gonzales, Pinsky Penland, Claudia Gonzales Lujan,Rene Sanchez, Jason Poe, Liz Rogers, Enrique Madrid

Voice Over: Susannah Lipsey

Kamera B: Matthew Dyman

Assistant: Brizelda Mendoza

Special Thanks: Tif Sigfrids, Marc Glover, Erin Yerby, Valerie Breuvart, Don Culberson,

Thanks: Chinati Foundation/Rob Weiner, Vera Delbeque, Tim Johnson, Liz Rogers,Enrique Madrid,Sam Schonzeit, Nicolas Miller, Vashti Armendariz, Adam Bork, Alex Marks, Etienne Bernard, Timothy Crowley Theatre/Jennifer Bell,Hotel Paisano

Sponsored by Fieldwork Marfa,Statens Kunstråd

Recorded in Marfa, Texas, April/May 2013