ESTROGIN is a musical project conceived in Los Angeles that includes a rotating cast of artists, actors, musicians, writers, private detectives, and children performing at a variety of cultural events in LA and Copenhagen.

During our initial performance we played the same song five times in a row to an audience attending the first opening at the WPA Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles. There was a sing-a-long performance at the Royal Theater in honor of the It's All National Festival that took place in December of 2009.

For the most recent project, we performed the same song twice in one evening, in separate locations, first forwards and then backwards. The performance began at a book store proeceeding an evening of poetry reading, and ended in China Art Objects Gallery following a reading given by author Chris Kraus. George Porcari made this video of the second performance.

For ESTROGIN's final performance, Tif Sigfrids and I played "Where did our love go" to a small audience at a gallery inside of a shopping mall in Copenhagen. November 2010.