LA Woman - Hotel Pro Forma/Snow White (1994)

Another film projection I did for theatre was this rock video for Hotel Pro Forma a performance group directed by Kristen Delhom with whom I continued to work on many projects. The performance she had done this time was called Snehvides Billeder, the images of snow white. SHe had cast real dwarfs, twins and models asking them all what beauty consist of. One of the dwarfs, Erik, wanted to be a rock star and I was asked to make a video with him. He loved Billy Idol and especially his version of LA woman. I suggested we made the video as if Erik was singing on a really big stage with a lot of light hitting the lens making the viewer imagining a big audience out there behind the light. The film was back-projected on a huge mirror shaped screen (hence the shape of the film) that made up the end of the stage. The performance was a huge success and toured for many years. It was Bo Tengberg that was the cinematographer here too.