La Carte et le Territoire was an event at OSLOO - a public space by FOS - on San Servolo, Venice (Italy) June 4 from 4 PM

La Carte et le Territoire is a night of events which include the work of composer and artist Andreas Führer, performance artist Mathias Kryger and the ongoing research collaboration Model Court and poetry by Guiseppe Boy. La Carte et le Territoire is initiated and organized by Joachim Hamou.

The Model Court group will for this event, function as 'legal acoustic consultants' creating a set-up for a courtroom at sea. The basic function of this structure is the same as the audio design of any courtroom, i.e. dictating a legal procedure by means of a path of phonetic transmission between speakers and listeners.

A range of experimental musical scores and performances will appropriate this audio infrastructure, sending waves of sound towards Venice “mainland" and beyond.